Apocalypse World

Session 1: Shithole Station

The characters begin in Shithole Station, a rest stop between Pinky Toe and Khan's strongholds. Jost trades a barter worth of scrap metal to Big Joe's son, Rum Tum. Big Joe trades an electric car engine, which contains 2 barter worth of scrap metal and at least an additional 2 barter of high tech gear, to Jost. Meanwhile, Charmer and Laur get drunk at Shithole, the bar run by Jackabacka. A woman named Matilda asks Charmer to help her find her brother, Winkle, who was kidnapped by raiders as a child ten years ago, in exchange for a piece of real meat. Through some prodding of the psychic maelstrom, they determine that Winkle is at Pinky Toe's stronghold.



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