Apocalypse World

Session 2: Traveling to Rize

Laur was awakened by a dying man pounding on his window, who thereafter thrust a small parcel into his hands with the instructions, "Find my brother". The parcel contained a working mechanical pocket watch. Charmer tenderly made love to the dying man to read his mind and discover that the pocket watch was broken in an argument between the man and his brother. Jost and Charmer went to sell the man's dead body to the town's doctor, Millions, while Laur stayed behind and examined the motorcycle. Mikey's Crew came by and reclaimed the motorcycle, while telling Laur that the man who it had belonged to had asked for a ride to someplace between Khan's Stronghold and the Lost City.


The three of them head back to Shithole to meet up with Matilda again and tell her what they know about her brother. She asks for transportation in the direction of Pinky Toe's Stronghold, which they oblige her and head to a midway point: a small town known as Rize.


On the way there, Matilda tells them about her people and how her brother was taken. They hear a sound coming from the back of the truck and catch Rum Tum (Big Joe's son) stowed away.


The group makes its way to Rize where they go to trade with Isle, an old lady who handles all interactions with outsiders. Isle offers two car doors for Rum Tum, which they initially agree with until Jost realizes that Isle intends on killing the boy. (Laur also realizes this but doesn't care.) He attempts to call off the deal, at which point the "people" of Rize emerge from their homes: ghoulish looking mutated wretches. One of them catches Charmer off guard and whacks him across the back of the head, disorienting him.

Session 1: Shithole Station

The characters begin in Shithole Station, a rest stop between Pinky Toe and Khan's strongholds. Jost trades a barter worth of scrap metal to Big Joe's son, Rum Tum. Big Joe trades an electric car engine, which contains 2 barter worth of scrap metal and at least an additional 2 barter of high tech gear, to Jost. Meanwhile, Charmer and Laur get drunk at Shithole, the bar run by Jackabacka. A woman named Matilda asks Charmer to help her find her brother, Winkle, who was kidnapped by raiders as a child ten years ago, in exchange for a piece of real meat. Through some prodding of the psychic maelstrom, they determine that Winkle is at Pinky Toe's stronghold.


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